Website Conversion Goals

A conversion goal can be minor and cumulative – view product – or major – add to cart + complete transaction – and varies depending on your business type.

When developing a new website or a redesign strategy, we want to be sure to clearly define what conversion goals are best suited for your business and optimize your site towards those goals.

Examples of varying degrees of website conversion goals:


  • Read content / page view
  • Comment
  • Share on social media
  • Read additional articles / keep on site
  • Print, bookmark, save for later (Pocket, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Subscribe to updates
  • Click on product pages
  • Submit contact form

Customer Service / Support

  • Submit service request > enter service funnel
  • Resolve issues online or via email (instead of offline by phone or mail)
  • Access support information, FAQs
  • Review or rate customer service


  • Purchase
  • Subscribe to a news or product feed
  • Rate or review
  • Share with friends, share on social media
  • Add to wishlist or bookmark

Lead Generation

  • Contact us, form submission
  • Click on link
  • Share on social media
  • Other call to action – download, bookmark, etc.


  • Click on link
  • Share on social media
  • Comment
  • Subscribe to updates

Membership / Community

  • Create account or membership profile
  • Comment
  • Contribute
  • Share on social media