How It All Comes Together ~ The Process

Client feedback during this phase:

"This is so informative and helpful, so thank you so much! We have so much to get through and I really appreciate your input. This is just great what you wrote and thank you so much!"


During this phase of your project we will be working closely with your organization to develop a final list of desired functionalities. This phase helps us to better understand your business needs and how we can deliver the best solution to those needs.

As part of Discovery, we will map your content to determine what kinds of content you have, what else we may need, and where the gaps are as far as what your content says about your business / how your business communicates with your target audience.

We will use this information as a starting point for the overall design of the site. Discovery usually takes about 2 weeks for sites with over a dozen pages and can take a month or more for large sites with over 25 pages.

Meetings: Initial kick-off meeting approx. 90 minutes, additional collaboration is usually done via email and a shared Google document. Additional meeting time (usually via Zoom) to discuss site content may be necessary, the amount of time allotted for these meetings varies due to the project complexity. For smaller site projects the initial kick-off might be conducted via email.

Milestone: Development of a sitemap (below) and collaboration on page content.


(On complex, multiple page sites only)

With the information gathered in Discovery we will create a preliminary sitemap outlining the primary pages and navigation for your site. Using that sitemap we will create a content list that we can review together. The purpose of this phase is to ensure that we are all on the same page regarding the overall structure of your new website.

Client feedback during this phase:

"So I know I said blue and orange but it turns out that I hate blue and would prefer purple." And a little later...  "Hmm, that's a good question. Let's go with whatever you think best, and I'll weigh in. ???? Love the purple, by the way!"


Once we have a consensus on the sitemap and content, we will start work on the overall design concept. We will collaborate with you either in a meeting or via email regarding what design elements you like from other sites, what branding components we may retain if you have existing branding, and what kinds of color schemes and fonts we might use for your website.

This phase involves not only selecting fonts and colors, etc. to match your branding, and starting to think about the layout of specific pages, but we will also dive deeper into your content.

Since "content dictates design" we will design the site around the existing content and sort out any content that is duplicate or unnecessary. We will advise you on any messaging that may need to be adjusted from a marketing perspective.

Note: this is not a full re-brand (although we can help you with that as a separate project) but narrows down which elements from your existing branding will be used for your website.

Meetings: We will discuss which elements of your branding - colors, fonts - will be retained. This usually naturally is done at the time of the content collaboration above and typically is not a stand-alone meeting. If you want to have a call or meet in person to discuss what you like about other sites, etc. that would be fine (up to 90 minutes). This is helpful and welcome!

Milestone: Development of general design stylesheet with specific fonts, color codes, and selection of primary images. The stylesheet evolves as the site is built in Development so it is usually provided to the client at the end of the project.


At this point in the project, we get to work on building your site! In a few weeks we will emerge with a beautiful new website that effectively communicates who you are, what you do, and why people should work / buy / visit / interact with you! This is where the magic happens!

Meetings: We will reach out to you if we have any questions or need additional input or content from you. In addition, if you have questions, thoughts, etc please let us know! We are open to scheduling meetings during this time but usually it's not necessary as most everything that could pop up has already been covered in Discovery and Design above.

Milestone: Development of a fully functioning website.

Client feedback during this phase:

"I am so in awe. The site FEELS like me. I mean it really, really, really feels like me. You created a very polished but authentic site that reflects me well. I honestly do not feel I could have found anyone who would have communicated my image and message better. I genuinely feel I will get the exact client that I am looking for with this site! The edits that I have are minor and few. Here they are..."

Site Review

This is when you get to see the (nearly) finished site!

Client and Developer will review the site together during a Site Review Meeting and a final punch list will be compiled for items to complete prior to site launch. Usually the Site Review Meeting is conducted on Zoom so that the meeting can be recorded to ensure that we catch every change request. In some cases this meeting is in person, travel expenses (if necessary) are not included in the project and are the responsibility of the Client (to be discussed in advance if relevant).

Any additional major revision requests need to be sent within 72 hours of this meeting to be considered for this phase, additions after this point will be addressed via change order.

Meetings: Site Review Meeting - length of the meeting is entirely dependent upon the site of the site but this meeting is typically about 2 hours in length as we go through all of the primary pages and point out anything that we may have questions about or may need your input on before the site goes live.

Milestone: Punchlist for launch

Client feedback during this phase:

"When it comes to designing and building websites, Sara certainly knows her stuff and is very good at what she does. Sara is also very skilled at knowing what suits her clients and designing with their character in mind. She is a joy to work with!"


3.. 2... 1! Final testing and debugging on the hosting server before the site goes live... AND OFF IT GOES!

Once the site is live, we provide 30 days of complimentary maintenance and support to ensure that everything is working correctly and to resolve any potential kinks that may arise. After the 30 days, the site is all yours! Of course, we offer ongoing maintenance packages to keep your website humming along. We also provide digital marketing support to help you grow and succeed online!

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