Google's mobile algorithm drops today – Mobilegeddon or Opportunity?

Today – April 21, 2015 – the official Google mobile algorithm rolls out.

Google Mobile Algorithm SEO

Thank you for the laugh!

While some are calling it “Mobilegeddon”, I see it as an excellent opportunity to improve our UX (visitor’s user experience)!

This cracks me up >>>>

Anyone who uses the internet has suspected for a while that the rise of mobile and tablet use would greatly impact the way we consume digital content. It brought an inherent challenge to the way we approach the creation and display of content for businesses and marketers alike.

Google Mobile AlgorithmAs a web developer does this scare me? Nope. Not even a little bit. I’ve always taken mobile responsivity very seriously and, if anything, this pushes me to adopt an even more “mobile first” approach to my web development projects. “Mobile first” refers to designing a website first and foremost to be viewed primarily on smaller and variable screen sizes, with the desktop version being designed as a complement, not the driving version of a site.

I really do see the challenge of Google’s mobile algorithm as a question of “what is the optimal user experience (UX)”? If a visitor to your website is not getting what they came for or if your website is difficult to read, hard to navigate, or serves the visitor any of a host of other offenses, then you probably should be “dinged” for it.

User Experience Focused Web Development

Basically I see it as Google pointing out what your visitors are already experiencing. Fix it and you will be rewarded – in the best way Google can reward you, with improved search rankings. I’m secretly stoked that Google is pushing the envelope on this one and am surprised this didn’t happen a few years ago.

Tech Crunch said this morning that 40% of Fortune 500 company’s websites will be affected by this change – read the article. Ouch. The fact is that most of these sites are probably outdated in other ways anyway – difficult to navigate, data heavy / too much information, not optimized…

Today is a brand new day in the world of web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital media marketing! Are you ready for it? I am. 🙂